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We’re a collaborative community dedicated to the documentation of all contributions made to the British Armed Forces by the varied communities which made up the United Kingdom during the First and Second World Wars (i.e. German, Italian, Jewish, etc.), as well as by expatriates and volunteers from the Commonwealth and beyond.

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Lieutenant Commander Thomas William Gould was an English officer of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve who received the Victoria Cross for gallantry on board the submarine HMS Thrasher, in which he removed two unexploded bombs in cooperation with Lieutenant Peter Roberts. In civilian life, Gould went onto be an active participant in the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and one of the founding members of the anti-fascist 43 Group. He died on 6 December 2001.
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  • ...that Lieutenant Juan Aldana's father was a Colombian-born consul?
  • ...that after being shot down Squadron Leader John Curry eluded Axis forces in Italy for three weeks before reaching Allied lines?
  • ...that Lieutenant Ronald Henriques was the first British officer of Jewish faith to die in the First World War?

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