Flight Lieutenant Carl Lee Johnson was an American officer of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died during the Second World War.

He was born in Oklahoma, the son of Richard S. and Esta Johnson, of Tennessee and New Mexico, respectively. Johnson, later of Banks, Oregon joined 227 Squadron at Malta as a flight sergeant in September 1942.[1]

With his squadron, Johnson flew Bristol Beaufighters, engaging in daily anti-shipping sorties in the Mediterranean.[1] He claimed four destroyed aircraft and one shared between 25 September and 22 November, making him a flying ace. His last two victories came during a sweep towards Tunisia, where he shot down two Ju 52s in quick succession. The following day, on the 23rd, Johnson was on an escort mission when he spotted a merchant ship accompanied by an E-boat. Johnson's Beaufighter inflicted heavy damage on the escort, but was hit by flak and crashed into the sea.[1] He had recently been promoted to flight lieutenant.[2]

Johnson and his navigator, Sergeant R.A. Webb, have no known graves and are commemorated by the Malta Memorial.


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