Private Braulio Heras was a Spanish soldier of the British Army who died during the Second World War.

A native of Cordoba, Heras fled Spain after the defeat of the Republican forces during the country's civil war. Like other Republican exiles, who were firstly interned in French Algeria and Lebanon, he enlisted in Egypt in the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey).[1] Later, while nominally belonging to the Pioneer Corps, he joined No. 50 Commando.[2]

Heras fought with 50 Commando during the Battle of Crete. After the island was overwhelmed by a German invasion force, Heras and many others fell into captivity.[1] He died in Germany on 8 May 1945, Victory in Europe Day, after being reportedly killed by Soviet fire at Stalug IV-C, Wistritz.[2]

He has no known grave and is commemorated by the Athens Memorial.


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